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If you want to know about the shop that have good customer relation ship and give value for your money then this site will lead you. the users of this site will give reviews to each adds . So by using these reviews we can easily find the best place for buying products. For the seller side they can give description about there products or shops and also they can upload images (like shop images, product, or servises), google map (find your place), Tell a friend (inform your business to other people), Review , Countact Us ,Vedios (It can be embeded from youtube). this site was friendly with search engine like google , Yahoo, Bing etc. so the customers can easily find your shop/products in this site. If you have any clarification about this site please contact us [email protected]

  • Show your advertisement in a good manner
  • Show you brochure and images
  • Save your your you tube videos
  • Check your customers comments & their queries
  • Show your location in google map
  • Share your adverticement with customer's friend using Tell A Friend